What's in my walking bag? - On the go with style and functionality

What's in my walking bag? - On the go with style and functionality

Whether it's a relaxed walk in the park or an adventurous hike through the forest - as a dog owner, you know how important it is to be prepared for all eventualities. Of course, you don't just want to be functional, but also stylish. In this blog post, we'll show you what you can't do without in a dog bag and how you can be perfectly equipped for any situation.

The essentials for your pet walking bag

1. poop bags

Poop bags are an absolute must in every dog owner's bag. They are not only practical, but also a sign of consideration for other walkers. It's always good to have a few more with you to be on the safe side.

2. treats

Treats are one of the best motivational aids during training and are perfect for rewarding your dog for good behavior. A small bag of your dog's favorite snacks should therefore always be at hand.

3. water bottle and drinking bowl

Especially on warm days or on longer walks, it is important that your dog drinks enough. A small water bottle and a collapsible drinking bowl are therefore essential.

4. toys

A ball, dummy or chew toy is a must on a walk. They provide entertainment and give your dog the opportunity to let off steam and exercise his mind while playing.

5. first aid kit

Accidents can happen anywhere. A small first aid kit with plasters, scissors, disinfectant and bandages is therefore always a good idea. This way you are well prepared for minor emergencies.

6. cell phone and keys

Of course, your own essentials should not be missing. A secure compartment for your cell phone and keys ensures that you always have your valuables to hand and safely stowed away.

7. handkerchiefs and wet wipes

Handkerchiefs and wet wipes are indispensable for small mishaps or to clean your hands. So paws and hands are clean after every adventure.

Stylish and practical on the go

Now for our personal tip: discover the PAWLII walking bag. This bag combines elegant design - made in Italy - with high functionality and is perfect for everyday life with a dog. It looks like a stylish designer bag made of 100% leather and still offers all the practical features that a pet bag needs. The integrated poop bag dispenser and the external attachment options for treat bags, toys or drinking bottles equip you for your walks.

With PAWLII, you are not only well equipped, but also stylishly on the go. So you can enjoy your time together to the fullest - always ready for any adventure.
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